Distorchestra is a new Art Rock/Progressive Rock band in the vanguard of what's next. It all began when former members of California's "NC 17," Colorado's "Ten Tiers" and other Colorado and national acts combined in an explosion of nature-inspired creativity in the Colorado Front Range, and decided to blaze a new path far from the commonplace.

Music Festival
Photo by Jennifer Thomas

Distorchestra is built on the best of what came before. From there, the "fearless foursome" is actively exploring innovative new directions.

Composer and keyboardist Bill Thode brings experimental sensibilities full of rewarding surprises. Drummer Chuck Hohn delivers strong, creative songwriting, accomplished arranging skills and inventive drumming. Bassist Ron Perron is equally at ease building a thundering foundation that locks onto the pocket; flying through demanding passages; and floating high in ethereal splendor. Singer/songwriter Jamie Krutz rounds out the quartet with a fresh songwriting perspective and emotive voice, adding soaring virtuoso violin and guitar to the Distorchestra experience.

To warm up, Distorchestra thrives on high energy covers that are really fun to watch including Dixie Dregs, Jeff Beck and UK. With multiple writers in the band, the originals are even better.

Distorchestra is:

  • Bill Thode: Keyboards and Vocals.

  • Chuck Hohn, Drums and Vocals.

  • Ron Perron, Bass and Vocals.

  • Jamie Krutz: Guitar, Violin and Vocals.
  • Upcoming shows:

    Sunday November 16th: Prog Fest
    Oriental Theater - 4335 W 44th Ave., Denver
    Festival begins at 4pm, Distorchestra will perform at around 7pm
    Ages 16+, $5 admission
    Sponsored by the Colorado Art Rock Society